Gallery One

Available unframed, unless already on display for exhibition. All artwork has mat and back for mailing. Notecards or Glichee avaible, contact me for prices.

Feed Me
Feed Me 5"X7"

Early Bird
Early Bird 5"X7"

Whats Cookin?
What's Cookin? 6"x8"


Sunny Day
Sunny Day, 11"X14"

Mama's Hat
Mama's Hat 11"X14"

Barn on Old Hwy 60
Barn Hwy 60 11.5"X14"

Yellow Pansies
Yellow Pansies

Hodson Mill
Hodson Mill 11"X14"

 Old Dawt Mill
Old Dawt Mill 11"X14"

Fruit and Lace
Fruit and Lace 11"X14"

White Pansies
White Pansies

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