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Buying a home is a "stressful" and "wonderful" experience. You need to consider financing, how much you can afford, family wants and needs, location choices, and more.

Spring is a wonderful time to purchase a home, but remember the early bird gets the worm. In this case, the "prepared buyer" gets ahead of everyone. I can help you locate just the right property and make the offer that gets accepted.

To get in the right frame of mind, do a little homework, fill out your Wish List and give me a call. As a Realtor in your area, I can provide the resources to guide you through this process. Call or email me and Let's get going!

Selling your home is easier right now: the interest rates are the lowest in decades, and buyers start looking when Spring is in the air.

Lenders are making it easier for borrowers to qualify for a loan. They are lowering the credit scores needed to qualify for certain loans, increasing the debt loads borrowers can carry and easing the way for borrowers to get loans while providing little documentation.

If you have made a decision to relocate, downsize, or even upscale, as a professional Realtor I can help you market your home, for maximum benefit.

Current Mortgage Rates from the Internet

Source: http://www.mortgagecalculator.org
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