A Little About Me
Do I look happy? I am at my granddaughter's wedding and enjoying the crazy people I love. I have one crazy cat, a wonderful Lab/Mastiff mix, and many cheerful birds that sing outside my windows. Not counting frogs, rabbits, armadillos, turtles, guinea hens, etc.

On a road trip with my brothers and sister to Kansas in 2008, I realized that my parents passed on creative gifts and I am grateful. Like many "seniors" I waited until the responsibilities of life left me enough time to concentrate on less intense occupations. Watercolor and drawing lessons have inspired me to tap "my raw talent." Be sure to visit my gallery, with new pictures occasionally (when I get time and inspiration)!

"A Country Girl raised in the City." Enjoy light jazz, painting, reading and more important things. I retired from one of my favorite jobs (teaching) December, 2005, and moved to the great Midwest. I love the seasons, flora and fauna.

I have 13 grandchildren, and two great-grandsons. They are the best part of my life, remember "you can almost control how many children you have, but you cannot control how many grandchildren you have". Just enjoy them while you can.